Criminal Law – Dayton, Ohio

dayton ohio criminal law treherne law officeCriminal Law includes felony offenses, misdemeanor offenses, and juvenile delinquency offenses. Traffic cases, including DUI or OMVI, speeding, or other moving violations are included as they are normally misdemeanor offenses.

What court will handle my Criminal Law case?

Misdemeanor cases usually occur in municipal court and felony cases usually occur in county common pleas court. Juvenile delinquency cases normally occur in the county juvenile court.

What is an arraignment (initial appearance)?

The arraignment is the initial appearance where the defendant is notified of the pending charges and enters a plea. Common pleas include not guilty pleas, guilty pleas, or no contest pleas. No contest pleas generally occur in traffic accident cases when a defendant does not want the traffic case to be used against the defendant in a later civil lawsuit. Notably, a no contest plea will typically result in a guilty finding by the judge. It is generally a good idea to consult with an attorney before entering a plea. If a defendant cannot afford an attorney the defendant may request the appointment of an attorney from the public defender’s office. If a defendant can afford an attorney the defendant may benefit from hiring an attorney before the arraignment or entering a not guilty plea and hiring an attorney after the arraignment. An attorney may be able to file a motion to suppress if evidence was improperly obtained or a defendant’s rights were otherwise violated. An attorney may be able to file a motion for a defendant to be placed in diversion or intervention program and a defendant may be able to avoid a conviction or criminal record. An attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal. Further, an attorney may be able to successfully represent a defendant at trial.

How much will my Criminal Law case cost?

Each case is different and attorney fees can vary widely in Criminal Law cases. A case may be resolved at the first pretrial at a minimal cost. Alternatively, a case may end after a jury trial and high attorney fees may be incurred. Call the Treherne Law Office for an estimate on your Criminal Law case.

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